Printing Outsourcing on Business-Inform 2014 International Exhibition

On 20–22 of May, in the pavilion #69 of All-Russia Exhibition Center, the Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts International Exhibition, Business-Inform 2014 took place. It was organized by Information Agency “Business-Inform.”.

Moscow, Russia, June 18, 2014 --( The official sponsors were Uninet (USA) and Sindoh (Russia). 74 companies from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, and Poland took part in the Exhibition. Most representatives were from the following groups of companies: Russia (33 companies), China (25 companies). 4 companies represented Germany, 3 - USA. The exhibition was visited by more than 1500 specialists. It is notable that along with Russian buyer-companies management (around 40% of visitors) the interest towards the Exhibition was expressed by specialists from Russian buyer-companies (more that 15% of visitors). The largest part of visitors came from different regions of Russia (54 cities and towns). The event was also visited by guests from Japan, France, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Estonia, and Moldova.

The visitors showed considerable interest in the Fourth International Conference, Business-Inform 2014, which was held simultaneously with the Exhibition in the conference hall of pavilion #69. During the Conference the representatives of the printing supplies industry leading companies exchanged views on actual production and promotion issues on international and Russian markets, evaluated main market trends, shared the forecasts. 17 reports presented on the conference were visited by more than 750 specialists. Most of them got the opportunity not only to hear the leading industry specialists, but also to discuss actual issues with them.

The reports that attracted most interest from the specialists were dedicated to the printing outsourcing and Mps-solutions. The reports of the first day were dedicated to those subjects. They contained the most detailed reviews of the most actual questions of technical, technological and economical solutions during printing outsourcing implementation in a modern environment.

Mr. Denis Budnik from Kyocera Document Solution Russia in his report, “Mds Together with Kyocera,, presented modern line of Kyocera’s Mfps and printers, showed models’ prominent features, demonstrated Kyocera (Ecosys) fundamental system. He told in detail about Hypas (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), which can simultaneously support Java and Web-services technologies. His report also contained the overview of software products focused on cost and security management (Kyoeasyprint, Kyomulticode, Pcl Barcode Flash), document workflow management (Kyocera Cloud Connect, Kyocera Capture), network devices control (Kmnet Admin, Kmnet Viewer, Myq). The speaker gave a detailed review of successfully implemented Kyocera Mds-solutions in large commercial structures (Lufthansa, Genser, Ferronordic Machines Ltd.), implementation’s main steps and the level of effectiveness.

The next report called “Mps with Prisma – Profitable and Simple” by Mikhail Hurges from Prisma contained a detailed overview of 4 Mps (Managed Print Services) major steps, tasks solved by Prisma system (help in sales, audit, and optimization of the device fleet, control of printing policies, cartridge availability management, control over incidents, repair and maintenance), different Prisma partner groups, and the effectiveness of Prisma usage by every group. The speaker especially underlined the profitability of Prisma system usage for recyclers and service centers.

In the report “How to Gain More Profit? MSE Cartridges – Selling Value not Prices” Amaya Martinez Lalanne from Mse has analyzed in detail the advantages of using remanufactured high yield Mse cartridges for printing outsourcing. The speaker presented economical calculations as supporting evidence for expediency and effectiveness of Mse cartridges usage in outsourcing tasks. She presented to the visitors the Mse production as well as “Intelligent Re-Engineering” technology implementation for laser cartridge remanufacturing tasks. The marketing research results also confirmed the prospectivity of remanufactured cartridges usage for printing outsourcing (both b/w and color).

In the next two reports: “How to Cut Costs in Mds Business” by Tryggve Erlandsson from Scandi Gruppen ab (Sweden) and “Aftermarket Quality: Moving from Good to Bad – Why?” by Volker Kappius from Delacamp (Germany) the speakers reviewed two actual problems related to the question on what can savings be made in outsourcing and on what not. The first report demonstrated the economical reasonability of using remanufactured printer and mfps models, the speaker shared the positive experience of solving similar tasks on the European market. It should be noted that on Business-Inform 2014 Exhibition the remanufactured models for printing outsourcing were presented by two companies: Scandi Gruppen ab (Sweden) and Gest (Russia). In the second report, one of leading specialists from Delacamp (Germany), Volker Kappius showed the ineffectiveness of using cheap newly-made cartridges in the outsourcing process. The speaker has in detail reviewed the possible reasons of low costs of newly-made cartridges (raw-materials, patents infringement, and maximal economy on everything). He also demonstrated that a cause-effect chain of “low price” – “low printing quality” – “low outsourcing quality” can serve as a basis for focusing on quality remanufacturing, not on low quality newly-made cartridges.

According to the majority of the exhibitors and visitors of the Business-Inform 2014 Exhibition, the informational events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars) are attaining more and more importance in Russia. Only the regular supply of information by the industry leaders, open discussions of new products and tendencies would allow the Russian market to remain up-to-date, quickly reacting to the emergence of new and perspective technical and technological solutions on the world’s market. The Exhibition organizers, Information Agency “Business-Inform”, says a preparation for publishing of Business-Inform Review #5, 2014, has begun. It will not only include there the majority of interesting reports made during the exhibition, but a lot of other information from the leading industry specialists.
Sergei Zubkov
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