Digital Sign Tech is Releasing Alternative Ink Bags for Mutoh Valuejet 1624 & 1638

Digital Sign Technologies is releasing alternative ink bags for Valuejet 1624 and 1638 with eco-solvent ink.

Toronto, Canada, June 18, 2014 --( Digital Sign Technologies Inc. has released alternative ink bags for Valuejet 1624 and 1638 with eco-solvent ink. The one-liter ink bags are vacuum-filled using the company’s proprietary degassing technology, which completely removes any gasses from the ink. A degassed ink guarantees a consistent high-quality output, without nozzle outages, banding and color shifts. With DST’s ink bags, it is now possible to print for hours without needing to pause the machine for print head cleaning. You can output longer prints without any quality degradation.

The alternative eco-solvent ink for Mutoh Valuejet exceeds the quality of the OEM ink. Besides a great color gamut and a clog-free performance of the ink, it also features a great adhesion to media and an improved scratch resistance, enabling businesses to print on a wider variety of media which was problematic for an OEM ink, such as the glossy calendered vinyls.

DST will supply a pre-programmed smart chip card with every ink bag. The company’s proprietary Chip Charger system ensures error-free operation of smart cards on your Mutoh machines. Anyone ordering Valuejet one-liter ink bags in before July 30th, 2014, will be given a Chip Charger with 10 blank smart cards for free.
Digital Sign Technologies
Vladimir Galentovsky