80 Year Old Chef Still Creating: New Cooking App: Precision Cuisine, Celebrity Chef Desserts

Exact weights given for every ingredient, which is the method used by all professional bakers. This gives greater control and consistency than cup and spoon measurements.

San Francisco, CA, June 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Eighty-year-old Bay Area chef David Nugent has just released a new app. “Precision Cuisine, Celebrity Chef Desserts.” Chef David was the chef-owner of the highly praised La Crème de La Crème restaurant in the Rockridge district of Oakland. He won two “Best of the Bay Area” awards for his desserts, and a third award for his breakfast breads. One reviewer wrote, “No one dines at La Crème de La Crème and leaves without ordering dessert.” Chef David is an expert in French cuisine.

The name “Precision Cuisine,” comes from the fact that exact weights are given for every ingredient. Weighing ingredients is the method used by all professional bakers because it assures the desired result. Moreover, in many recipes the correct internal temperature is given, which is the most reliable way to know for certain when an item is done. Chef David claims his precision-based recipes “are delicious and will never fail.” The goal is to give confidence and certitude, especially to beginning cooks, but to more experienced ones as well. The app contains a link to a digital scale steeply discounted to $24.95 with free shipping.

There are more than 160 desserts done in Chef David’s style, which he describes as featuring purity of flavors and intensity of taste. His chocolate recipes will not be a blend of, for example, mint, orange, vanilla, and almond. Rather they will contain just chocolate and cocoa in copious amounts. Or, his cakes won’t be moistened with a syrup containing an alcohol, but with the straight alcohol itself. Purity and intensity are the results.

Unique Features
The app contains many thoughtful features that add interest and convenience:
1. Number of Servings: Users will have the option of changing the number of servings. Change servings for the number of guests, and the weights of all ingredients will be automatically adjusted.
2. Ingredient Weights: There is an option for changing the given weight of any ingredient, and all the other ingredient weights will automatically adjust. This is useful if one happens to have a lesser amount of an ingredient on hand, but still wants to make the recipe.
3. Shopping List: It is accessible in two ways. If the user knows what she or he wants to serve, the recipe can be selected from the home page. If the user is browsing through the recipes and decides to make a particular dish, the shopping list for it is accessible from within the recipe. The Shopping List can also be emailed to an associate or it can be printed. At the supermarket, put a check mark next to each item as it is placed in the shopping cart.
4. Ingredient Search: This list allows the user to search for all recipes containing a particular ingredient. “Apples,” for example, will bring up a list of nine recipes using apples. Additionally, selecting the name of a recipe will give a list of every other recipe in which that recipe is used: e.g., “Chocolate Sauce” will bring up a list of six recipes that contain it.
5. As You Cook: The user can put a check mark next to each ingredient as it is added to the mixing bowl. This baker’s trick ensures that nothing will be omitted from the recipe.
6. Settings: There is an option to deactivate the sleep timer. Users won’t have to keep restarting their devices. Settings also contains a link for rating the app.
7. Timer: Reminds the user that a step in the recipe is done.
8. Favorites: The user can make a list of dishes they want to make often.
9. Photographs: Many colorful photos show the finished dishes.
10. Metric Weights: All weights can be shown in grams.

“Precision Cuisine, Celebrity Chef Desserts” is available now at the iTunes store. The cost is $4.99.

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