Niagara Falls-Based The Family Enhancement Centre Offers Child Counselling

Leading Niagara Falls-based specialist for comprehensive counselling services, The Family Enhancement Centre is now presenting child counselling services to families across the region.

Niagara Falls, Canada, June 20, 2014 --( The organization’s specialists are trained to communicate in children’s unique language of Play and have great experience providing comfort to children experiencing mental health challenges.

A person’s teenage years are often filled with angst and discomfort to varying degrees. And sometimes, these issues can result in the development of mental health issues that require professional resolution. For those parents whose teenage children are lashing out or exhibiting other signs of emotional distress, the help of professional child counselling experts such as those at Niagara Falls-based The Family Enhancement Centre could provide welcome comfort. Now, the company is presenting young clients with the opportunity to experience one-on-one or group counselling specifically targeted to their needs.

Through the company’s child counselling services, The Family Enhancement Centre is offering direct access to expert counsellors who will listen to the client’s issues and help them work through problems while empowering them to make strong, effective decisions. This service will help ensure that teenagers move forward in their lives with a new perspective on their issues as an individual. It will also help provide much-needed comfort during a difficult stage in their lives. As part of this service, the counsellors at The Family Enhancement Centre will work with the teenager at their own discretion in speaking to family members and resolving any personal conflicts that could be the source of the child’s mental health issue. It’s a professional service that can be customized according to the client’s unique health needs and level of comfort.

One of the great advantages of the suite of services offered by The Family Enhancement Centre is that they have no waiting list for appointments. Clients can book an appointment with a therapist directly and begin sessions within just a week of their call. It’s the service local teenagers require to help them gain a sense of personal comfort. To learn more, please contact the experts at The Family Enhancement Centre directly or visit
The Family Enhancement Centre
Dawn Griffith