Viewpoints Industry TV to Examine Prison Labor on an Upcoming Segment

Viewpoints Industry TV will highlight programs for inmates that even produce some high-end products.

Coral Springs, FL, June 25, 2014 --( Viewpoints Industry TV will report that many prisons are privately owned these days, and as such, they look for every way to save on expenses and make money. This has given rise to the inmate work programs which provide therapeutic work for the prisoners, cheap labor for local businesses and an additional revenue stream for the jail. Small-to-medium sized businesses are rushing to take advantage of this arrangement. The key to this plan's attractiveness to entrepreneurs is the extremely low wages these workers receive. Starting salary can be 60 cents per hour and even with incentives, a weekly salary rarely exceeds $300-400. Even sellers of upscale gourmet food products are not above using prison labor. Some items produced this way include: apple juice, cow and goat milk, tilapia and wine. These products end up on shelves across the country, including high-margin merchandisers like Whole Foods.

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Kyra Burton