Anviz Launches Latest Iris Recognition System, UltraMatch

Anviz Global has announced the launching of its newest iris-scanning device. The UltraMatch combines the highest-level of security with a compact design, and near-instant subject recognition.

Tampa, FL, June 26, 2014 --( Anviz Global, a world-wide leader in security technology, is launching its latest innovation onto the market for the summer of 2014. The access control device, UltraMatch employs unique technology to identify subjects through the distinctive features contained within an individual’s iris. Through this distinctive technology, the UltraMatch is a leading product in the biometric, security field.

Iris recognition technology exceeds the security measures of fingerprint-based devices while adding greater convenience. In completeness darkness, the UltraMatch is still capable of capturing the iris features needed to correctly identify a subject. Distance does not pose a great obstacle for the UltraMatch either. Subjects can be successfully scanned at a distance of between 18 and 25 centimeters from the device. Additionally, Iris recognition technology requires no contact with a subject. This makes the UltraMatch ideal for environments in which sterility, climate, or dress-attire makes reading fingerprints difficult or impossible. Along with no-touch capabilities, the UltraMatch provides almost instantaneous subject recognition, requiring only a few seconds to identify each individual. In order to do this, the device employs a unique algorithm that has been developed by Anviz engineers. The algorithm has dual function capabilities. Firstly, the algorithm helps the UltraMatch extract the unique features within the iris of each employee. This information is then stored within the device. The unique features of every individual are then matched with each employee as they attempt to gain access via the UltraMatch. Once read, the UltraMatch can store up to 50 000 records. Despite all of these features, the UltraMatch maintains a compact design. The 180cm by 140cm by 70cm makes it one of the smallest iris recognition devices on the market, and allows for placement on almost any surface.

“Our engineers were looking to produce an access control device that surpasses the security measures provided by fingerprint technology. They responded by creating the UltraMatch, a stylish and reliable machine but one which maintains a compact design and overall affordability,” said Clark Ruan, Head of Business Development at Anviz.

UltraMatch is available exclusively through Anviz's Global Partner Program. Contact your Anviz distributor or for more details, or visit

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