San Diego Spirits Festival Descends on the City for the Sixth Annual Cocktail Culinary & Cultural Extravaganza, August 23-24, 2014

The most anticipated Signature event in San Diego this summer is a few months away. The 6th San Diego Spirits Festival will rock San Diego with three Cs; Cocktails Culinary & Culture. San Diego Spirits Festival clocks 6 years of fun entertainment and above all showcases craft cocktails, culinary expertise and local culture. From the prestigious Executive Chef to the Mixologist, the foodie, the novice cocktail enthusiast, the two-day festival promises to entertain all who attend.

San Diego, CA, June 26, 2014 --( The 6th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival Delights and Excites over a Sun Drenched San Diego Bay, with a one of a kind weekend, held at the spacious Broadway Pier Port Pavilion, bringing together hundreds of distinct liquors and gourmet morsels in a festive and fun loving environment. The San Diego Spirits Festival is planned for the consumer and industry insider alike – with endless opportunities to learn about all trends in both cocktails and culinary. From under the radar artisan craft spirits to discovering the ‘next big brand’ the San Diego Spirits Festival promises to be a feast for all your senses with a weekend of cocktails, food and entertainment. You will enjoy rubbing shoulders with Brand Ambassadors and Celebrity Chefs and expect a fantastic cocktail and culinary experience!

While you're at the San Diego Spirits Festival, there's no way but to have a good time. In addition to old favorites and classic concoctions that aren't going out of style any time soon be prepared for some alcoholic innovation and new treats. There's so much to try throughout the two day event and you won't be able to get to everything so make sure that you try a mix of new drinks and old favorites. No matter what you try, you're sure to find something to make your cocktail hour a little more surprising, your evening wind down time a little more soothing, and your dinner parties a little more fabulous.

The spirits kick in, the crowds grow, the food excites, and entertainment delights, and if you went to last year's event you have to know it's only getting better each season, if that's possible!

The International Spirits Competition will be conducted on Saturday August 23, and the awards will be presented on Sunday August 24. The bottle competition will be led by George Manska and a team of prestigious beverage alcohol professionals who bring both international recognition credibility and prestige. The judges include: Henry Preiss, Forest Cokely, Frankie Thaheld, Rich Manning, Michael Neff, Roberto Loppi, Dushan Zaric, and David Rippentrop.

“The integrity of San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition starts with the quality and expertise of the Judges, who have a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds and this facilitates a true, unbiased quality of judging of all the brands that have entered," says Liz Edwards; Founder and Director San Diego Spirits Festival.

About San Diego Spirits Festival
About San Diego Spirits Festival was founded and launched in San Diego in 2009 by Liz Edwards. San Diego Spirits Festival is a nationally acclaimed celebration of cocktail culture, and is the premiere West coast spirits festival held on the beautiful San Diego bay. With bartender competitions, tastings, seminars and parties, the festival offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for brands to be supported and gain recognition among San Diego’s cocktail and culinary community and beyond. The festival is planned for the consumer and industry insider alike – with endless opportunities to learn about all trends in both cocktails and culinary. San Diego Spirits Festival draws international attention and offers a multi-faceted thrilling event combining the three most important elements to any festivity…Cocktails, Culinary and Culture.

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