Paramount California University Gets Everyone to Join an Online Symposium for Enlightening the Purpose of "Be the Change "Campaign

Paramount California University is commuting the motive behind be the change campaign to the masses by arranging an online symposium which would highlight the cause for taking such an initiative. This symposium will also emphasize on the reason why it is important for everyone to be a part of such a campaign.

Irvine, CA, June 27, 2014 --( Paramount California University invites all the participants of be the change campaign to join in and contribute in an online symposium. This symposium is arranged to enlighten all those who are already participating to the fullest in his campaign.

The purpose of this symposium is to bring everyone together through a powerful way, to commit to something they believe in as an individual or as a community. This symposium will allow everyone to communicate, share their daily experiences in a unique way. Be the change campaign is all about spreading kindness and happiness among everyone. The motive behind this campaign is to ask you to integrate one change in your daily routine and witness how that act becomes the highlight of your whole day. Little acts incorporated into daily lives will eventually help you and people who surround you each day.

Research has highlighted the fact that in today’s world people are completely consumed in the web world. Steadily and silently the modern world is moving towards various misfortunes, these misfortunes are overlooking small bites of happiness. Paramount California University’s be the change symposium will make you realize those overlooked facts and take your advice in helping others change their lifestyle, opening doors to new opportunities and clearing roads for new beginnings.

Through this symposium Paramount California University wishes to spread the message of goodness and well being, we all have a responsibility to fulfill. Each one of us has a potential to make change happen. An individual or a group can make exceptional difference in changing people’s point of view and use positivity to spread kindness all around the world.

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