Online Dating – What Women Want and Male Strategies

Vilnius, Lithuania, June 27, 2014 --( Women more often than men find appearance of opposite sex the most important when they receive a first letter on an online dating site. Outer beauty is the most important quality to 31 percent of women who participated in research conducted by Attractiveness is important just to a quarter of male respondents. They also reply to every first letter twice more often than women.

“Women rarely are the ones who initiate conversation with a stranger. So, after receiving the first letter from women, guys feel appreciated and want to get acquainted. Situation of females is the opposite – they receive lots of attention and letters from different men. They often manage to reply only to the most attractive or appealing males,” says Audrius Vrubliauskas, Head of Marketing in

During the research 48 percent of male respondents said that they reply to every first letter. Only 26 percent of women act the same way.

Interesting and original letters increase the likelihood that women will reply to them. Every fifth woman admits that she replies only to letters that stand out. While writing the first letter, men should consider complimenting the lady and showing that he is well educated, gallant and knows how to surprise a woman. Usually males do not think that the content of the first letter is important – only 7 percent of them try to stand out. According to them, the first letter does not reveal their personal values ​​which can be perceived during various conversation topics.

The research also showed that both men and women desire to start communicating with physically attractive people. 51 percent of respondents said that they are encouraged to start conversation with people who are good-looking. Common hobbies and goals become relevant when people familiarize, whilst writing the first letter is important only to 8 percent of both males and females.

More often men think about transferring acquaintances to real life. 15 percent of male and just 9 percent of female respondents start communicating only with people who live in the same city. The way men represent themselves in their accounts is more important to women. By checking accounts of potential partners they can evaluate them better and start a conversation easier. 13 percent of female respondents said that a unique content of the account is the most important factor when deciding to start a conversation. Only 6 percent of men think the same.

More than a half of female respondents try to show that they are easy-going and straightforward to the opposite sex. They try to reveal their natural beauty in the images and honestly answer all the questions in their account. Every tenth woman tries to stand out with unique answers or by displaying revealing images. Just 8 percent of female respondents said that they start conversation first with the man they like.

Men try to attract women’s attention completely differently. Every fifth man starts a conversation immediately if he finds the woman attractive. 10 percent post revealing images and just every third tries to emphasize how easy-going and straightforward they are.

1693 respondents participated in the research investigating online dating and networking habits of men and women. The research was conducted in the beginning of June, 2014.

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Audrius Vrubliauskas Head of Marketing
Audrius Vrubliauskas