All-Natural Products Are a Growing Trend

The trends collective is seeing a rise in demand for food and beverages without preservatives.

New York, NY, June 27, 2014 --(, the leading trends collective website, is seeing a sharp increase in all-natural food and beverages.

“Consumers are looking for new options that lack hormones, additives, chemicals, and other uncertain ingredients,” says a spokesperson. “As food science improves, so does the wariness by consumers to eat and drink the same way. Producers are starting to take notice.”

Coca-Cola is beta-testing Coke Life in Argentina. The cola contains all-natural ingredients and is sweetened using stevia, a naturally-occurring additive. A brand of gum is shying away from “gum-base,” which can have more than 80 preservatives. Instead, the company is using a core of five natural ingredients for its product. All-natural meat products, like chicken breasts, are starting to fly off of store shelves as consumers become increasingly concerned about the contents of their food. And in France, the home of all things culinary, lawmakers have discussed banning preserved or canned food from restaurants.

“Clearly, there is a desire to avoid eating preservatives and other additives,” says a spokesperson. “Alarm has risen as consumers become aware of the mysterious compounds they are consuming. The links between these additives and the impact on health are still unclear, and that has consumers increasingly seeking out more trustworthy options for their palates.”

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