Pameve Holding Corporation Brings New Funding Power to

New York, NY, October 19, 2007 --( Startup is making its re-emergence with new, substantial backing from a new holding company. The website made its initial debut in August, but fell through because of a lack of corporate support. Now, the company has new backing from the Pameve Holding Corporation. That company has the ability to support the business structure that was originally intended for the website.

"This website now has a new powerful company backing it," a Pameve executive said. "In August, there wasn't enough support to get the products off of the ground and supply the needed updates. Now, we have that and we're ready to show off our support system to customers."

The website failed in August primarily due to the fact that the corporate funds weren't there to bring the company through rough times. They struggled with various technical issues that hurt the website and didn't have the ability to overcome a legal battle with owner of the most successful free dating site. Now, those issues have been sorted out and is ready to show off its new support system to prospective customers.

The re-launch of this website is led by the new holding company, which has provided both the expertise and financial backing to get it off of the ground. Beyond that, there will be around the clock support and the new technical department has the ability to keep the site up and running at a high level. Now, customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of live support either on the internet or through a phone support center. All of that has been made possible by increased funding.

The restructuring of the company with new management at every level is another key to the new company. Hard working, educated people are running the website now and the company expects to thrive because of that.

"We've got the people in place to be successful," the executive said. "We have restructured and hope to find success because of that."

Now, the company has the ability to provide new, exciting features. In addition to that, there will be more frequent updates in which the company will showcase the website. They hope to make a big splash with their re-launch, as much time and preparation has been put into making this release the best that it could possibly be.

Hector Molina