Women Who Run It Encourages Women to Take Charge

In this issue of Women Who Run It, women taking command of film and television with WIFT along with their lives as a whole by following the examples of women in the military are discussed.

Toronto, Canada, July 04, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Women Who Run It, the e-magazine for strong, empowered, driven women, believes wholeheartedly that women can do any and everything they set their mind to. Women are now taking the steps to be in command in many different ways.

In the Feature Women Who Run It is talking all about women being in command in film and television. After spending a night with Women In Film and Television-Toronto, they’ve got a lot to say about women being the powerhouses of the film industry.

The Check It Out has the perfect book that will help readers to manage their lives as a working mother. MaryEllen Tribby’s book How Does She Do All That?: The Working Mom’s Guide To Doing Everything Well details how women can change their lives to get the best life possible.

Finally, in the Wise Words Women Who Run It encourages women to take a look at women in the military and follow their excellent examples to make themselves women in command.

All this and more in the next issue of Women Who Run It.

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