Milk is Making a Comeback

Producers are adapting the consumptive needs of the modern consumer.

New York, NY, July 04, 2014 --(, the leading trends-spotting consortium, is reporting that milk is once again becoming a hot commodity. For years, milk has been one of the fundamentals of the everyday diet, with a place in a cereal bowl and as a base in many recipes. But ordinary milk is not for everyone, and the market has adjusted to accommodate willing consumers.

The number of plant-based milks has risen sharply in recent years. While almond and soy milk have long been the standard bearers for alternative choices, cashew, pecan and other nuts are also being used. Coconut milk, rice milk, and oat milk are also reaching the market. These products are popular not only with the lactose-intolerant, but also within the vegan community because of their non-animal origins. Those seeking alternative milk sources from animals also have more options, including goat, sheep, and camel.

The renewed interest in milk also extends to trends in the yogurt section. Greek yogurt continues to be all of the rage, but other products are catching up. Kefir, a fermented milk drink with the consistency of a light milkshake, is becoming popular across the United States. Icelandic yogurt is also becoming more widely available. These products are sought because of their digestive benefits.

“The growth of milks and yogurts indicates a desire to receive all of the health benefits these products have to offer,” a spokesperson says. “Manufacturers are realizing that they have a market for many of these products as long as they adapt to the needs of the customer. All of these alternatives appeal to lifestyles, health concerns, and flavor.”

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