Women Who Run It Helps Women Stay Healthy

In this issue of Women Who Run It, they interviewed Michelle King Robson, a survivor that helps women take their health into their own hands and Jon Wade talks about Fartlek running sessions.

Toronto, Canada, July 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Women Who Run It, the e-magazine for strong, empowered, driven women, knows that health plays a major part in its readerships’ lifestyles. That’s why Women Who Run It has teamed up with some great health experts to give their readers the best information and advice to keep them healthy and strong.

In the Feature Women Who Run It interviewed Michelle King Robson, a woman who took her health into her own hands after falling ill and founded EmpowHER, a women’s health website. Michelle shares her best health secrets exclusively with Women Who Run It so that readers can live the healthy, empowered life they deserve to live.

In the Check It Out readers will love the chance to learn how to be fit, even at the age of 40. Suzanne Somers’ “Sexy Forever” Plan gives a variety of different methods that will help readers to achieve their weight loss goals easily.

Finally, in the Quick Tip Jon Wade of Motley Fitness explains all about the newest fitness trend, Fartleks. Readers can learn to increase their running strength and stamina just by doing Fartlek running sessions.

All this and more in the next issue of Women Who Run It!

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