Daniel Levine: Food Sustainability is a Growing Subject

The trends expert is seeing an increase in demand for environmentally-friendly food.

New York, NY, July 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is tracking the growth of food sustainability.

“Organics and sustainability are becoming very important to consumers,” says public speaker Daniel Levine. “There is big demand for food that can be produced responsibly and safely.”

The spirits industry has been quick to adopt this trend. Small-scale liquor producers are incorporating sustainable ingredients like quinoa and other organic ingredients to make their products more appealing. Larger producers, like major rum makers, are also getting in on the trend. A leader in the industry is trying to become fully sustainable within the next ten years, down to the way its sugar cane is grown.

The way food is produced is also becoming more sustainable. More creative means of raising fish are appearing, including floating colonies in the ocean. Crab hatcheries are also being introduced. And some cultures are starting to cut back on some delicacies, like shark. These shifts in aquatic life are signs that there is a growing desire to make meat more sustainable. The measures here are an effort to control populations and reduce overharvesting.

“People still want to enjoy delicacies, but they want to do so in a way that will not harm the environment,” says trends expert Daniel Levine. “There is increasing awareness of the impact our wants and desires have on ecosystems. That means harvesting, husbandry, and horticultural methods are changing, and our food is changing with it.”

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