New Series Promotes Project-Based Learning for High School Math and ELA Students

Portland, ME, October 20, 2007 --( Walch Publishing has released a new series for high-school students, Expeditions in Your Classroom: Geometry and Expeditions in Your Classroom: English Language Arts. This two-book series engages students by having them solve real-world problems that reinforce basic math skills and English concepts and rules.

Each Expeditions book contains ten projects designed to leave a lasting mark. Students solve real problems involving real people, with themes that appeal to high schoolers. Sample projects include:

• Fashionistas—seeing the geometry in fashion design and creating patterns and clothes
• At the Scene of the Crime—using coordinate systems to investigate a crime scene
• This Is Air Traffic Control—employing trigonometry to land an airplane

English Language Arts
• Calling All Characters—creating a 10-minute, multi-voice monologue
• On Air—analyzing and writing a pilot for a radio program
• The Perfect Pitch—developing and pitching the idea for a box-office hit (or bomb)

“We spend a lot of time in the classroom, and high-school teachers tell us that what their students really love to work on are projects,” notes Al Noyes, president of Walch Publishing. “It makes sense; each of us can recall a project we did in school, something that engaged us and drew us into the subject matter. The Expeditions books do exactly that—they require students to pull together new information, skills, and technologies to figure out the solutions to problems. The math is rigorous, the English is challenging, yet it all takes place in a fun setting.”

Each of the ten projects in the two Expeditions books focuses on a discrete set of skills. For example, the geometry projects draw on topics such as measurement, shape visualization, and graph theory, while the English language arts projects cover topics such as creative reading and writing, visual presentation, and American and world literature. Each book includes extensive teacher support, with suggestions for implementation and answer keys. Each book also correlates to NCTM and NCTE standards.

About Walch Publishing
The Expeditions series continues Walch Publishing’s reputation for extending and enhancing learning with flexible solutions for middle school, high school, and beyond, incorporating national and state standards as appropriate. Founded 80 years ago, Walch Publishing’s accessible and affordable products are developed by expert educators and an in-house educational team, in partnership with leading schools and districts nationwide.

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