Carnegie Wealth Management Announces PIG/PAL Strategies That Can Help You Create Non-Taxable Income

Good news for investors that have been carrying Unused and Suspended Passive Activity Losses on their tax return every year. Investors can use Passive Income Generators (PIGs) to offset unused Passive Activity Losses (PALs) on a dollar-for-dollar basis, thereby creating a non-taxable income.

Fort Myers, FL, July 09, 2014 --( Finally a solution to investors that have been carrying suspended Passive Activity Losses (PALs) on their tax return (Form 8582) every year. By definition, carry forwarded Passive Activity Losses from rental property can only be used when A) There is sufficient Passive Income to offset the Passive Losses; or B) The source of those PALs is disposed of; or C) The Investor acquires a Passive Income Generator (PIG).

PIG/PAL Strategies can unleash frozen Passive Losses creating a non-taxable income. Passive Income Generators (PIGs) can absorb Passive Activity Losses (PALs) one-for-one, and there are no Limitations on combining PIGs with existing Passive Losses. Pig/PAL Strategies are AMT Neutral.

Find out how PIG/PAL Strategies may make an immediate benefit of non-taxable income from suspended, unused and indefinitely carried forward Passive Losses from IRS Form 8582.

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