Daniel Levine: Technology Trends are Changing the Way We Drive

The trends expert is noting an increase in safety measures for drivers.

New York, NY, July 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Levine, the leading trends expert and keynote speaker, is seeing a major shift in the way vehicles are driven.

“As technology improves, our driving experiences continue to change,” says Daniel Levine. “Manufacturers, programmers, and municipalities are taking advantage of the improvements in computers and other infrastructures to completely revamp the driving experience.”

One of the major changes in driving is the alteration of the road grid. Municipalities are taking advantage of better programs in order to synchronize traffic lights. For example, Los Angeles has programmed its signals to allow for better flowing traffic, with a constant possibility for all green lights. To monitor traffic, governments are setting up sensors on their highways to track speed and volume. This information is passed on to the driver to help make alternative decisions. And programmers are developing roadways that can monitor wet or hazardous conditions, rush hour traffic patterns, and accidents. All of this technology is helping to alleviate traffic and offer less headaches to motorists.

Developers are also deploying more futuristic ways of communicating with drivers, such as holographic stop signs and water cannons to catch the attention of truck drivers who do not have the ability to fit through a tight space.

“Driving and transportation are such an important element of our daily lives,” says trends expert Daniel Levine. “These technological improvements have been designed to improve efficiency, offer reassurance to drivers, and to increase safety. The upgrades are all about eliminating as much margin for error as possible.”

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