Benutech’s ReboGateway, Bringing Quality Real Estate Leads to Chicagoland

Benutech announces Chicago expansion of ReboGateway’s unique Real Estate lead generation solution.

Chicago, IL, July 10, 2014 --( Benutech is proud to announce the introduction of ReboGateway’s unique data and farming tools to the Chicago Metro area. ReboGateway offers a data system for real estate brokers and agents looking to grow their business by acquiring more real estate listings. ReboGateway provides reliable data on life events, matched to real property that can be associated with much greater opportunities for home sales. Among the most exciting of these opportunities are divorce, probate, or eviction filings; ReboGateway also include FSBO or estate sale listings, as well as mortgage defaults or tax defaults. Knowing the addresses where these life events are occurring, information not normally readily available, provides a very real and distinct edge for agents. These relevant data allow agents to focus their efforts on the homeowners that are more likely to sell, saving considerable time and money.

Leading real estate associations and organizations such as CAR (California Association of Realtors®) and the Miami Association of Realtors® have become business partners and offer ReboGateway to association members as a useful tool to acquire new listings. By offering ReboGateway, these organizations are encouraging their agents to move away from costly and inefficient methods of marketing to all properties in large farm areas (territories), not knowing what kind of returns they will have on their investment. Agents are not just targeting probable sellers with ReboGateway data, but are also actively monitoring their farm areas for life events, enabling them to be at the right place at the right time. With this system, not only can agents cut their expenses by up to half, but they can also increase their effectiveness five to ten times by targeting those homeowners most likely to sell property.

ReboGateway has already helped Southern California and Florida agents dramatically improve their sales. In 2013, leads found in ReboGateway converted into over 15,000 sales and over 108 million in commissions for Southern California ReboGateway subscribers alone.

All signs point to the Chicago expansion being the right place at the right time for Benutech as well. The Chicago Tribune recently reported tight inventory and growing demand in the Chicago-area market, indicating that ReboGateway’s ability to connect agents with probable sellers can significantly help agents get the edge over their competition.

“When I was an agent, I built my business around targeting likely sellers,” said Ryan Marshall, CEO of Benutech and creator of ReboGateway. “This was so much better than knocking on every single door or sending hundreds of expensive postcards to every single address that I quickly out-produced the competition. I moved into the tech space to help bring this efficiency and profitability to the rest of the real estate industry.”

For more information on the ReboGateway product, or for a webinar demonstration of its capabilities, please go to, call (866)887-0206, email or tweet @benutech or @rebogateway.

About Benutech, Inc.:
Benutech, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the commitment and dedication to revolutionizing the Real Estate industry through the creation and implementation of the most advanced and intuitive technological platforms in the industry. Benutech, Inc. offers a sharp and unparalleled approach to providing the industry with both innovative technology and elegant data solutions. By taking on the viewpoint of its clients and their needs, Benutech can build the tools needed to grow the most streamlined, efficient, and productive business model available.

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