Experts Present Alarming Geoengineering Data to Shasta County Board of Supervisors

Key Speakers will present alarming factual data / scientific reports pertaining to Solar Radiation Management to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in their official government setting.

Redding, CA, July 10, 2014 --( Numerous Key Note speakers will present factual data/reports to help educate the Board of Supervisors about the alarming dangers involved with Solar Radiation Management a form of Geoengineering, often referred to as chemtrails.

Keynote Speakers:
Matthew Sutton - Chief Executive officer for the 2nd largest environmental consulting firm in the US, 4th largest in the world | Dane Wigington - Lead researcher for | Rosalind Peterson - Former USDA officer, California Sky Watch | Alan Buckman - Former USAF meteorologist, former Cal Fish And Game biologist | Francis Mangles - USFS biologist, 35 years experience | Mark McCandlish - Former defense industry employee | Hamid Rabiee - Prominent Northern California Neurologist | Dr. Earendil M. Spindelilus M.H. - 15 years Master and Clinical Herbalist | Fred Meyers - Former military pilot | Jeff Nelson - Former Commercial Airline pilot | Russ Lazuka - Former Commercial Airline pilot | Dr. Steven Davis - 41 years in practice.

To interview or speak with the Keynote speakers/ presenters contact: Dane Wigington at GeoengineeringWatch

It is the mandated responsibility of various government agencies such as the EPA and Air Quality Control Boards to expose this data to the public. The goal is to force the disclosure of contamination issues and the “off the chart” UV radiation levels, both known consequences of “stratospheric aerosol Geoengineering” programs currently in use.
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