The Summer Training Season Commences at Maximum Sports Conditioning

Bellevue, WA, July 11, 2014 --( With summertime just around the corner, more and more people have been inspired to leave their homes and begin making healthy exercising choices. Maximum Sports Conditioning, an elite sports training and conditioning center intended for residents of the surrounding Bellevue and Issaquah areas, ( is entering their summer training season with a full head of steam and spaces are filling up fast. With training options for all sports and all ages, Maximum Sports Conditioning offers a program for any individual need.

Maximum Sports Conditioning hopes to provide individuals something more than just a regular work out. The personal trainers are devoted to providing specialized sports training programs that are focused primarily on athletic development and a combination of body, mind, and science to produce intense competitors and great leaders.

According to Maximum Sports Conditioning, “we do not accept anything less than 100% effort when training. If an athlete gives less than 100% they are wasting their time. An athlete’s genetic potential can never be met if they do not exert every ounce of effort, and every bit of concentration on every rep.” From research on what made the best athletes in the Eastern bloc countries, Maximum Sports Conditioning’s methodology involves a hybrid combination of rigorous sports training, proper nutrition, and education.

The current sports training programs available for the summer season include basketball, volleyball, football, soccer baseball, softball, tennis, and Female Athletic Strength Training (F.A.S.T.). Personal trainers at Maximum Sports Conditioning believe that in order to develop athletic ability, athletes must be focused on their sport-specific goals. For example, a soccer player would not benefit from weight room training as much as they would from actual training involving a soccer ball; every workout should have a purpose.

About Maximum Sports Conditioning
Maximum Sports Conditioning is a unique athletic training facility available to residents of the local Bellevue and Issaquah neighbourhoods. Focused heavily on Ivan Pavlov’s idea of conditioning and other methodologies originally practiced in the Eastern bloc countries, Maximum Sports Conditioning hopes to mold individuals into athletes by only focusing on their sports-specific goals.
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