Daniel Levine: Rebranded Products Are Everywhere

The trends expert is seeing a rise in products meant for adults being rebranded for children.

New York, NY, July 17, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is following a big spike in branding opportunities. Levine is noting how numerous products intended for adults are being altered or advertised differently to interest children.

“Parents are paying big money for their children to have the best,” says Levine. “These products are available because companies are realizing that moms and dads will provide just about anything for the kids at home.”

A wide range of designers are offering perfume for babies, allowing parents to give unique and memorable scents to their children. Parents can also provide the latest smart technology to their kids, including smart watches, cell phones, and iPad stands for those on a training potty. Even pole dancing lessons are available for the younger generation. This experience is being branded as a workout routine.

“This trend is all about parents importing their own wants and desires onto their children,” says Levine. “Kids probably aren’t interested in high tech gadgets or expensive smells or exotic routines unless they’ve been exposed. And this exposure comes from their parents. This branding is really all about selling to parents and passing it on to the kids.”

About Daniel Levine
Daniel is a trends expert and public speaker who leads a consortium of more than 10,000 trends-spotters worldwide. Using their observations and experiences, Daniel builds a comprehensive view of consumer trends across more than a dozen industries. He takes this information and shares it with audiences to help build understanding of how trends can help businesses. Learn more at DanielLevine.com

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