MortgageTrack 6.0 Will Rescue Today’s Ailing Mortgage Industry

Revolutionary web-based Loan Management Software can and will save today’s ailing mortgage industry by reducing overhead, while increasing productivity.

Laguna Niguel, CA, October 21, 2007 --( DND Intellibiz has been a leader in creative web-based office automation since 2001. Its flagship product, MortgageTrack, has been used by successful mortgage banks and brokerages to manage loans, employees and increase profits for over 5 years.

“Loan Management Software can and will save today’s ailing mortgage industry.” That’s the word from Doug Leonard, CFO of DND Intellibiz and co-creator of MortgageTrack 6.0, a revolutionary web-based Loan Management Software System, designed to lower overhead, while increasing productivity.

Leonard says, “It is heartbreaking to witness the unnecessary pillaging taking place in the mortgage industry over the past year. Hundreds of mortgage brokerages have closed their doors forcing massive amounts of employees to lose their jobs. Bankruptcies, closures, mergers and acquisitions are occurring almost daily.”

Leonard went on to explain that “most mortgage brokerages having financial trouble in today’s economy are operating using an outdated business model—requiring large brick and mortar facilities and bloated support staffs. In today’s mortgage industry these businesses will continue to lose money until they eventually close their doors. On the other hand, those companies who are taking advantage of today’s technology and running leaner operations will continue to not only survive, but thrive.

“We have companies with as few as 12 loan originators and as many as 1000 using MortgageTrack, all with the same positive results. The common theme with all of these customers is; low overhead (small to moderate size office), low payroll (MT allows one employee to do the work of several) and remote agents (many of whom operate from their homes or small satellite offices),” Leonard concludes.

The collapse of the sub-prime market hasn’t brought an end to today’s real estate market, overall sales are down 12% nationwide from last year, but consumers are still buying residential and commercial real estate. So why are so many mortgage brokerages and banks going out of business?

“To survive in today’s industry, the savvy mortgage brokerage must abandon the old ways of doing business and focus on improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overhead. When the brokerage realizes how much it has to gain using Loan Management Software like MortgageTrack 6.0, they can move full speed ahead to solvency and profitability,” Leonard asserts.

“Using technology contained in MortgageTrack 6.0, one person is able to fully perform the work that was once handled by an entire support staff. MortgageTrack 6.0 is an LMS not an LOS,” says Leonard. “It fills the vast gap left between the loan officers’ LOS and the brokerage’s accounting department.”

Leonard explains, “Loan Management Software will enable brokerages to cut costs, improve operational efficiency and save livelihoods. It will enable the brokerage to grow strong and stable in today’s economy. This mindset is far more productive than trying to ‘weather the economic storm’ until the next refi-boom or the return of the sub-prime market, which may be many years away. The bottom line is that implementation and deployment of MortgageTrack 6.0 will reverse the negative effects of today’s economy for financially troubled mortgage brokerages and enable them to prosper.”


About MortgageTrack 6.0

MortgageTrack 6.0, is a revolutionary web-based Loan Management Software System that drastically reduces company overhead by automating many office tasks safely and securely. Among its several features and capabilities are; loan management, employee management, automatic commission generation, automated communication and company wide productivity reports and rankings to name a few. Increase your brokerage’s productivity, profitability and efficiency with MortgageTrack 6.0. To learn more visit
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