Miami Costume Giant: Wonder Costumes Leading the Way with Disney’s Frozen Costumes

Miami, FL, July 18, 2014 --( With Halloween a little more than three months away, Wonder Costumes, Miami’s biggest costume store is leading the way with Disney’s Frozen Merchandise. The Frozen Elsa Costume for girls has already become the most in-demand and best selling costume for the season.

Few retailers across the country have the costume available to sell. Thanks to a long standing relationship with the costume industry, Wonder Costumes was able to secure limited inventory of the most popular dresses everyone is looking to buy.

Throughout June and July, Wonder Costumes has taken numerous daily orders and they have received endless inquiries for Frozen Merchandise. The nine year e-commerce veteran has satisfied many South Florida parents and young girls, pleased to have found the scarce Elsa Costume that many parents across America still believe is not available for sale.

Wonder Costumes spokesperson Chris Yandek shares what the reception has been like, “From Oregon to New York to Miami and everywhere else in between, people have been spreading the word about our Frozen Costume merchandise, and more specifically, that we have in stock the Elsa Frozen Girls Costume. They are quickly ordering our inventory and telling their friends. Since the beginning of the year we have had people come into our store in Miami looking for it and we receive numerous calls every day. It truly is Frozen Mania right now.”

Several national stories have featured parents desperately looking for Disney’s Frozen merchandise. Every Girl wants to be Elsa for their birthday, princess party or Halloween. Wonder Costumes also has Anna Costumes and a variety of other Frozen accessories as well.

Showings of the dress, interviews, photos and other media coverage opportunities are available upon request.

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