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New York, NY, October 22, 2007 --( Don Hellinger, president of Nylon Magazine and Pinchazo Publishing Group Inc., announced that Pinchazo Publishing has acquired Inked Magazine. The magazine has been re-launched and is now in bookstores. Inked is an upscale lifestyle and fashion magazine with a focus on rebellious luxury.

“Inked was launched by Seed Communications in June 2005 as a quarterly publication and was a success with the creative community and general public. Inked will examine the art and lives of the trendsetters and early adapters that influence popular culture, tattoo artists, actors, musicians and cultural icons,” according to Hellinger.

The magazine has also undergone a redesign at the hands of creative director Todd Weinberger, formerly of Gyro Worldwide Advertising. “Inked caters to a diverse group of readers that believe strongly in self-expression and individuality,” said Weinberger. “Some of our readers have ink, some don’t. But they all appreciate the art of tattooing, and they understand good design. I’ve done my best to reflect that sensibility.”

Inked will distribute two issues in the last quarter of 2007, with the first being a fall “preview” issue that hit newsstands October 15. The second will be on stands December 15. Response from the ad community has been strong, and a broad spectrum of advertisers from the automotive, tobacco and alcohol, electronics, and fashion industries are expected to appear in the magazine in 2008.

In conjunction with the Inked re-launch, the magazine’s website,, will be upgraded to include more daily content, tattoo photo galleries, user-generated content, and a social community, Inked Network.

For more information on the magazine contact Don Hellinger,, 212-537-9347. For more information on advertising opportunities in the magazine and online, contact Kenyon Clemons,, 212-537-9347.

Inked Magazine
Jami Pearlman