Three-Dimensional Printing is Everywhere

The leading trends consortium says 3D printing is changing the way we consume.

New York, NY, July 20, 2014 --(, the leading trends-spotting consortium, is reporting a rapid growth in the use of 3D printing. The process, which uses computer designs and a variety of materials to print a fully developed and usable product, is rapidly gaining acceptance in a variety of categories.

“The amazing utility of 3D printing is allowing consumers to create their own products,” says a spokesperson. “The process is amazingly simple and inexpensive, and with 3D printers and scanners reaching the masses, a slew of ideas are suddenly flooding the market.”

The process is being used to create dozens of unique products. Its sturdy construction has made printing houses, airplanes, and boats a reality. Designers have printed shoes, jewelry, and eyeglasses to create stunning pieces of fashion. The more food-minded have created chocolate, ice cream, and other sweets that present themselves in stunning design. The process is also being used to recreate needed physical concepts quickly, like keys and parts for the International Space Station.

“The printing process helps democratize the consumer goods space,” says the spokesperson. “Printing what one desires generates an element of personalization and uniqueness that mass producers simply cannot compare to.”

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