Women Who Run It Tells Readers How to Get Employed

In this issue, Sara Ermeti shows readers how to get a job in the next five years and they discuss the dreaded question that people have to answer during an interview.

Toronto, Canada, July 23, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Women Who Run It, the e-magazine for strong, empowered, driven women, knows that times are changing. With it, so is the process of getting a job and the things you have to do to get that job. In this issue, Women Who Run It covers all the bases that will explain how readers can make themselves highly employable so that they can get that job they’ve been dreaming of.

In the Feature section, Sara Ermeti shares amazing tips on how readers can make sure they are able to get a job in the next five years. These tips take readers from the start of a getting a job by making a resume to what to the ending process of what to do on an interview.

Public speaking is a major part of getting a job and keeping it. In the Check It Out section, readers can get free presentation tips from keynote speaker Steve Lowell’s eight free training videos that are sure not to disappoint.

Finally, in the Editor’s Rant, Women Who Run It has got something to say about the “weakness” question that interviewees are subjected to.

All this and more in the next issue of Women Who Run It!

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