Daniel Levine: The Experience is Trending

The trends expert and keynote speaker is seeing a growth in the number of people who are doing new things.

New York, NY, July 24, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Noted trends expert and public speaker Daniel Levine is following the experience trend. More and more, consumers are trying out new experiences. By doing so, they’re shifting away from consumer goods.

“The experience is something that goes beyond a specific category,” says Daniel Levine. “Anytime people go out, they have an experience. Now, businesses are realizing how much their customers value experiences, and they are shifting their focuses to accommodate.”

In the tourism industry, consumers are looking for new types of experiences. For many, that means shifting away from museums, beaches, and theater to seek out a new adventure. Companies are offering foraging vacations, allowing their guests to gather their own meals. Boutique hotels are shaping their brands to offer memorable stays to younger travelers. And high-end fashion labels are getting in hotel business to offer ritzy stays to luxury tourists.

The food and beverage industry is also getting in on the experience game. Fusion cooking is all of the rage, and chefs are constantly seeking out new foods, like bugs, to offer new tastes to their guests. Beer and spirit makers are also getting in on the trend, working to provide a new flavor or sensation to their customers every few months, just so their brands don’t go stale.

“This trend shows that people want something new as often as they can get it,” says Daniel Levine. “Instead of owning all kinds of material goods, consumers want to try, feel, taste, see something new and different. Then, they can talk about it and be proud of the experiences they had. It’s a new spin on materialism.”

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