DeoBioSciences to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Revolutionary Cancer Research

Atlanta, GA, July 25, 2014 --( DeoBioSciences, Inc. (”DBS” or “DeoBioSciences”) announced today that it is preparing to launch its crowdfunding campaign titled “Develop the World’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Cancer” (the “Campaign”) to raise funding for continuation of its pioneering preclinical cancer research. Today, the Campaign can be previewed at After the Sunday, July 27, launch date, DeoBioSciences’ campaign will be accessible through the shortened hyperlinks or

The provocative campaign title is based on test results for DeoBioSciences’ experimental cancer drug, DBX-31. DeoBioSciences has conducted its preclinical cancer research through an agreement with renowned Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. On behalf of DeoBioSciences, Cornell University researchers have documented in vitro cancer cell death rates approaching 100%, within 72 hours of treatment, for a wide variety of tough, advanced stage, treatment-resistant cancer types treated with DBX-31.

Furthermore, according to John F. Adamson, president and chief executive officer of DeoBioSciences, the Campaign is highlighting a particularly incurable type of ovarian cancer that has been resistant to treatment by some of the most powerful drugs known to medicine, including a lethal bioweapon composed of both ricin and diphtheria toxin. The Campaign video at the site describes how DBX-31 killed this type of “super resistant” cancer tissue thoroughly and rapidly in ways that even a lethal bioweapon could not, without targeting or harming normal cells.

“Unlike the approach of so many cancer drugs currently approved or under development, such as immunotherapies, angiogenesis inhibitors, conjugated monoclonal antibodies, and gene silencing agents, DBX-31 relies on the reputable hypothesis that naturally occurring, tumor-specific, death receptors exist,” states Adamson. DeoBioSciences believes it has identified a safe, replicable molecule that exploits these cancer death receptors in a remarkable manner. “Although no one is making promises, we believe that we’re one set of research results away from making a major impact on the cancer research landscape, which will support our very plausible projections for clinical performance,” says Adamson. "We’re a cutting edge company. Thus, we’re using cutting edge new media methods to fund that work."

In addition to capturing scientific interest from Cornell University researchers, DeoBioSciences’ cancer research has resulted in poster presentations at the “Mid-Atlantic Bio” conference and the National Cancer Institute’s “Circulating Tumor Cell Conference,” being selected for a rare and highly coveted meeting with Genentech, arguably, the world’s leading biotech company, through the prestigious San Jose Biocenter/Prescience International “Meet With…” series in Silicon Valley, and attendance at the invitation-only Janssen Labs/Johnson & Johnson reception at the 2014 JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, California.

According to Mr. Adamson, “We’ve received interest from different potential supporters but since 2010 we’ve also faced the toughest capital market in history for early stage biotech companies, and grants are more competitive than ever. It’s even tougher for revolutionary new ideas because potential funding partners are often skeptical and risk averse of “first-to-market” ideas. That adds up to a challenging environment for us and the need to be creative and open-minded. We truly believe in the potential of DBX-31 to be a game changer, so we will do whatever it takes.”

About DeoBioSciences
DeoBioSciences is a privately held, pre-revenue, virtual, biotechnology small business with a principal office in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. However, unlike most biotechnology or life sciences firms, DeoBioSciences does not perform extensive, direct, in-house laboratory research. Rather, the company performs targeted exploration of naturally sourced substances with medicinal potential. DeoBioSciences then manages and drives their evaluation, development and, where feasible, commercialization, through contractors and strategic partnerships. This is the “virtual” biotech model that minimizes capital requirements through reduced overhead and long-term asset infrastructure. Using this approach, DBS is currently developing DBX-31, a naturally derived recombinant anticancer protein to address a wide range of advanced stage cancer types through external apoptotic induction. The company does not currently have any approved products for sale. Although legally formed in 2000, DeoBioSciences has conducted its most promising research since 2008. For more information visit:
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