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A fashionable new app available for android, iOS, windows mobile, java, symbian, blackberry and html 5 has been released and provides breaking news delivered directly to your smart phone, tablet or laptop without searching. is the latest market trend for daily news updates and ground breaking events that are heard around the world, locally and in any designated region. Daily news is streamed live and updated by the minute with the latest and newest information.

Houston, TX, August 01, 2014 --( Global Connections and Current Events with News Duet Android App

News Duet has announced it's new android app and the site offers free subscription services for streaming live updates and news for India and global accounts. The app downloads in just seconds and features the live streaming news events that are trending. Each event is supplied in real time and keeps users globally connected with current events. It is easy to follow the latest news briefs from the Gaza Strip, Ukraine, India and the U.S, which are highlighted in disputes and ongoing cases of circumstantial attacks regarding military and government actions, rebels and political frenzy. Each event will scroll through the app and a single tap will bring the full article in to view.

If you have something to say about what is going on in the world today, let the world know. Start active conversations by posting in the provided comments tab or respond to afforded posts. What a great app for not only delivering the news but providing a global connection for those interested to point out their views, make statements and relate in real time to what is happening locally or on the other side of the world. The chaos of current events are concerning and having the ability to voice an opinion or ask a question keeps the news upbeat and up to date. Global interaction creates fresh news with current events in streaming live updates and markets an open view of the world.

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Opera Mobile Store features the new android app for and with easy set instruction the app can be downloaded in just a few seconds. The five star reviews on Opera Mobile suggest that News Duet is not only fresh but one of the top trending news apps available. The neat and fun app streams video and news directly to your phone with an easy to use mobile app feature that lets the user scroll through the news in a quick second.

A featured list of all other news events for business or technology, science and health can be selected for specific trends of news in the related fields. The app allows for the integration of favorite topics, trending entertainment and a global appeal with everything that is making headlines at that very second. The fresh and perspective app allows users to personalize their news experience and the ability to cut out or dismiss repetitive news that is old news. No more searching the web for the latest news event, with the News Duet Android App, it is delivered directly to all subscribers hot off the press.
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Nikol Smith