Secure Horizon Settlements Expands Into Separate Lottery and Structured Settlement Divisions

To support the unique financial demands of their client base, Secure Horizon Settlements expanded into separate divisions to assist annuitants in the funding process to obtain a payout. Secure Horizon Settlements serves annuitants who receive regular payments resulting from a lawsuit or court case, and lottery and casino jackpot winners who may want to sell out the payment stream they receive.

Rockville, MD, August 02, 2014 --( Secure Horizon Settlements, LLC (SHS), a forward-looking and trustworthy financial services company, recently upgraded their funding process to better accommodate annuitants looking to convert their settlement payment into an immediate lump sum of cash. Secure Horizon services both annuitants who receive regular payments resulting from a lawsuit, and lottery and casino jackpot winners who may want to cash out part of the payment stream they receive. SHS can even help annuitants who have enacted transactions with other lump sum companies in the past, but may not have received a fair amount or who only needed a partial payout at that time.

Both structured settlement annuitants and lottery annuitants experience unique financial demands, which must be handled on a case by case basis. To better service these clients in turning their ill-liquid asset into an immediate tangible cash flow, SHS has streamlined their process by splitting into separate divisions. The Lottery and Structured Settlement teams will each be able to service the specific demands of annuitants receiving their payments from very different sources.

Structured settlement annuitants are often on the receiving end of a payment stream because of personal loss, injury, or disability and depend on their payment stream as source of income because they are often unable to work due to those unfortunate circumstances that have befallen them. In a still recovering economy, cashing some of their annuity for a payout can help to restore their financial security and keep them out of debt.

On the other hand, lottery payment recipients come into money through good luck, but may be regretful of a decision to receive payouts over time instead of as a lump sum. In this case, a lump sum company can help them cash out their big win at a later date to help them improve their lifestyle or resolve previous debts.

“It has been our experience that while every transaction stands on its own set of facts. An annuitant receiving payments, whether through some significant mishap, or through some great fortune, may substantially benefit their family's circumstance by liquidating all or part of their payment stream," said Paul Kadlick, Director of Sales at SHS. "It’s as simple as understanding that there are often things someone can accomplish with a lump sum of cash that they are often not able to accomplish with a modest payment stream.”

The lump sum transaction process can be frustrating to understand for those without a financial background. Typically, from initial contact, representatives will confirm that a client is a qualified annuitant or recipient of a payment stream, and then get to know the financial needs of the customer and walk them through their options with no monetary obligation. They may even be able to provide cash advances to help with immediate relief of outstanding credits and debt. They will personally walk clients through the funding process, securing a civil court date, handling all legal aspects of the transaction, and sale of the annuity.

Splitting the points of initial contact into separate divisions will help SHS representatives to better understand and assist the specific personal and financial needs of lottery payment recipients versus structured settlement annuitants. The management team believes that this organizational development will provide enhanced personalized customer care throughout the funding process to support current, returning, and future customers looking to turn their annuity into a lump sum.

About Secure Horizon Settlements, LLC

Secure Horizon Settlements LLC, based in Rockville, MD, is a nationally-recognized financial services company that purchases structured settlement payments, lottery annuities, and casino jackpot wins. Secure Horizon Settlements was created to meet the unique financial demands of Structured Settlement recipients and Lottery winners wanting to sell their structured settlement, and lottery annuity payments fast. Founded in May 2012, Secure Horizon Settlements has experienced tremendous growth under a veteran management team with decades of industry experience.

Secure Horizon Settlements takes genuine strides to meet the personal needs of their customers while ensuring they are treated both fairly and professionally. At the same time, their dedicated legal and management team is committed to delivering high quality service that streamlines the funding process. Secure Horizon Settlements is the gold standard go-to lump sum company you can depend on.

For more information, contact at 1-855-747-3278, email at info(at)shsfunding(dot)com, or go online to securehorizonsettlements (dot) com.
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