Hi Tech Virtual Tour Launches from Heartland

Most home buyers begin their search on the internet and now a Midwest based company is taking the online experience to its highest level yet with a virtual tour that looks like a TV show but is only two minutes long.

Peoria, IL, October 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- With four out of five home buyers surfing instead of driving in their initial housing search, there are many approaches being used to showcase homes. The online house hunting experience began with simple still photos followed by dizzying 360 degree virtual tours. Now, online tours are becoming more hi-tech, sophisticated and user friendly.

Longtime radio programmer, producer and personality Lee Malcolm created the new 2MinuteTour concept after doing some Internet house hunting himself. "I've seen the ways properties are displayed online and thought there might be something missing. We've developed a marketing tool that will take online house hunting to a whole new level," said Malcolm. The tour is very personal, complete with soothing music and professional narration by a friendly guide. No interaction is required. A simple click starts the show.

Illinois Realtor Michelle Largent-Morse was one of the first agents to try 2MinuteTour. "It provides a potential buyer a mini-tour without having to take the time to drive over and look at it," she said. The sellers of the homes that used the 2MinuteTour "loved" it, said Largent-Morse.

Tours are linked from participating Realtors' websites. The 2MinuteTour company website, http://www.2minutetour.com is designed to demonstrate the product to Realtors but is available to the general public.

Amazingly, production costs run less than $200 per tour according to Malcolm, who will soon expand to other business sectors. "2MinuteTour will appear on the websites of hotels, tourism bureaus, museums, hospitals, universities and businesses that see the benefit of showcasing their offerings online in the form of a nationally produced TV show...all at a fraction of the cost," he said.


Notes to Editor:
2MinuteTour is the brainchild of Lee Malcolm and his longtime associates, all of whom have spent their careers making slick commercials for television and radio. Lee's group writes an inviting script and produces a tasty two minutes of video that goes by so quick the viewer will want to watch it again. Lee has performed narrations for films and documentaries across the U.S. and for foreign production companies. He also broadcast for an entire weekend from a motor home hoisted 40 feet in the air by a crane. And in public service campaigns he spent time in a lion cage to raise money for a zoo and was one of the first in the country to get drunk on-the-air to discourage drinking and driving. He was a co-owner/operator at Radio Disney in Little Rock and worked for ABC/Cap Cities Detroit outlets WJR & WHYT. To arrange an interview please contact him at lee@2minutetour.com, studio@leemalcolm.com, his direct studio line at 309-694-6130, cell at 309-696-5719 or through www.2minutetour.com or www.leemalcolm.com
Lee Malcolm
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