Jungle Jumps Offers Tips for Drying Inflatable Slides

Pacoima, CA, August 02, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Commercial water slides make a great addition to any commercial bounce house product line. Inflatable water slides are sure to be a big seller during the summer months. Even commercial inflatable businesses located in colder, northern climates see a huge increase in inflatable rentals during the warm season, a good deal in part because of their commercial water slide inventory.

However, many commercial inflatable businesses are reluctant to add a water slide inflatable product to their inventory. The biggest hurdle for those inflatable businesses wanting to expand into the inflatable water slide market is the idea of having to fully dry the slide after each use. By doing your research and purchasing the right commercial water slide you can ensure that the drying process will be simple and well worth the time in your added revenue.

Before purchasing an inflatable water slide be sure to inquire with the inflatable manufacturer about whether the unit will hold excess water after use. A good inflatable water slide should have plenty of zippers for quick access into the internal areas of the commercial water slide. This will allow you to mop up any extra water, while also creating good air flow for drying when you keep the front zipper open.

Inflatable water slides should always be manufactured with enough Velcro to keep the inflatable liner in place, irregardless of the pressure the water weight will put on it. Insufficient Velcro, combined with children jumping and water weighing the unit down, can separate the Velcro seal and cause water to get under the liner of the commercial water slide.

When purchasing a commercial water slide look for an inflatable manufacturer who seals all of the seams of the inflatable. This is an expensive undertaking and one where many inflatable manufacturers skip corners. However, this will keep water out of the inside of the commercial water slide, while also substantially reduces wear and tear on the equipment. When sand, dirt and other foreign items mix with water in the slide this can get under the slide mat, sanding at the threads over time and wearing out the thread.

Of course, after each use before putting the unit away the commercial water slide needs to be thoroughly and completely dried. There is also some additional upkeep necessary for inflatable water slides to be done seasonally. Sealing strips on the commercial water slide should be inspected and glued anywhere they are lifting from the material.

If you are purchasing a wet/dry inflatable slide with an inflatable floor, make certain the floor has drains to prevent the water from pooling to an unsafe level inside the commercial inflatable.

Just like any other commercial grade inflatable product that you add to your inventory, taking the time to find a quality commercial water slide from a reputable inflatable manufacturer will make all of the difference in the long run.
Jungle Jumps
Stephanie Baldwin