WapStart Launches Socio-Demographic Targeting

Russia’s leading mobile ad network announced it has implemented socio-demographic targeting options. Personalized campaigns should become more cost-effective now.

Moscow, Russia, August 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- WapStart, Russia’s largest mobile ad network, released a new targeting option. Its system Plus1 can now select the audience by age and gender. This should make advertizing more personalized, and, thus, more cost-effective.

The company chose to use precise socio-demographic targeting instead of commonly used approximation methods. WapStart’s system picks up user data at one of the trusted sources, binds it anonymously to a stored user profile. Thus, when the same user surfs different pages next time, he sees only relevant ads from WapStart.

The new tool enables the administrator to set the socio-demographic targeting options and see the percentage of the key audience coming from every source in real time. If any publisher is delivering poor results, it can be excluded from the media pool swiftly.

Today WapStart can accurately identify age and gender for about 30% of its whole traffic but this number is rapidly growing as new data sources get rolled on and user data accumulates across all publisher channels building a 100% coverage.

“Our goal is to actively develop and implement new targeting methods and research behavioral algorithms,” - explains Head of Product, German Tsarev, - “We can reach it by saving up data and using special mathematical forecast models. The next step would be the development of a tool for targeting audience by interests and behavioral segments. We want to get to know our audience as close as possible, so that we can show them only relevant and truly useful ads.”

WapStart has implemented the new feature by leveraging deeper integration with its partners and direct publishers. Such precise targeting is advantageous for both the advertiser and the user: the first one does spend resources on effective sources only, and the second one sees only potentially interesting ads. New targeting options of mobile ads are one of the most demanded on the market and are expected to develop at high pace in the nearest future.

About WapStart
WapStart is the largest mobile advertising network in Russia and CIS. The company provides services to thousands of mobile websites and applications within local and international markets. Monthly WapStart audience reach is 40 million people and over 5 billion impressions. WapStart offers advanced technologies for audience targeting and analysis, allowing to run effective mobile advertising campaigns with high ROI.
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