Global Breast Cancer Market Report: 2014 Edition – New Report by Koncept Analytics

The Global Breast Cancer Market Report by Koncept Analytics provides comprehensive research and unbiased analysis of the current market performance of the global and key regional markets –the US, Europe, India, China and Brazil.

Vaishali, India, August 06, 2014 --( The most common risk factor for breast cancer is being female and growing older. White women are slightly more probable to get breast cancer than African-American women. African-American women, though, are more likely to die of breast cancer. Although men are diagnosed at a much smaller rate than women, their chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer also increases with age. One can lower the risk of breast cancer by choosing healthy lifestyle.

The research report, “Global Breast Cancer Market Report: 2014 Edition” provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of segments of breast cancer market. Increasing pervasiveness of cancer cases, diabetes and obesity in populations, rising use of tobacco and alcohol, better healthcare options and growing women population are the prime reasons for mounting breast cancer cases. Challenges associated with the market are; increasing costs of therapies, rigorous regulatory impediments, unfavorable effects of treatment and effect of the economic turmoil that has been negatively impacting the environment of the healthcare sector.

In the past few years, a rise of metastatic breast cancer cases has been noticed among countries like China, the US and Europe. A major trend which is likely to continue forever in the breast cancer treatment industry is the fact that novel and innovative technologies and pharmaceutical molecules are always under development.

The report provides the reader with an outlook of the current status of the breast cancer market, along with trends, growth drivers and forecasts of future growth. It also encompasses a number of factors driving the growth of the breast cancer market coupled with recent trends, significant developments and challenges hindering the growth of the industry. Lastly, in the competitive landscape section, major players have been presented along with their key financials, strategies for growth and market share. Therefore, the report serves as a must read for anyone willing to invest in this promising area and trying to evaluate opportunities.

List of Charts
Types of Breast Cancer
Various Biopsy Methods
Global Oncology Spending (2010-2014E)
Global Breast Cancer Market by Segments (2013E)
Global Breast Cancer Predictive Diagnostic and Drug Technologies (2010-2014E)
The US Breast Imaging Systems Market (2010-2014E)
The US Digital Mammography Market (2010-2013)
Brazil’s Breast Cancer Imaging Market (2010-2014E)
India’s Breast Screening Market (2010-2014E)
China’s Breast Screening Market (2010-2014E)
Global Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market (2010-2014E)
Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market by Region
The US Metastatic Breast Cancer Market Revenues (2010-2014E)
Chinese Metastatic Breast Cancer Market Revenues (2010-2014E)
Breast Cancer Drug Breakdown in China (2013E)
Different Types of Cancer Worldwide (2012)
Increasing Prevalence of Diabetes by Region (2000-2030E)
Global Female Population, +45 Years (2008-2014E)
Global Spending on Medicines (2007-2017E)
New Female Breast Cancer Cases and Deaths by Age, US, (2013)
Global Oncology Pharmaceuticals - Market Share (2013E)
Global Breast Cancer Diagnostics – Market Share (2013E)
Hologic’s Revenue Share by Business Segment (2013)
Hologic’s Revenues (2009-2013)
Johnson & Johnson’s Revenues (2009-2013)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche - Business Segments (2013)
Roche Revenues (2009-2013)
Novartis Business Segments (2013)
Novartis Revenues (2009-2013)
Siemens AG’s Revenue by Business Segments (2013)
Siemens AG’s Revenues & Net Income (2009-2012)

List of Tables
Stages of Breast Cancer
New Cases of Breast Cancer and Estimated Deaths in the US (2014E)
The US Tomosynthesis Market Opportunity
NeuVax / E75 (nelipepimut) Estimated Sales – Breast Cancer Market Size Model (2017E-2020E)
The US MBC Market (in US$ Million) 2010-2015E
European MBC Market (in US$ Million) 2010-2015E
Metasite Breast and Menacalc Are Mechanistically Different From Existing Gene-Based Tests
Breast Cancer Drugs & Agents in Clinical Development
Number of Cancer Cases Worldwide (2012)
IARC and WCRF/AICR Evaluations of Breast Cancer Risk Factors
FDA Regulation of Medical Devices
Comparison of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Tests in Breast Cancer
J&J’s R&D Statistics (2012 & 2013)

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