Sweet Perfection Kicks Off Their Abundance of Gratitude Summit

Sweet Perfection LLC, a Gratitude Company Collaborates with 21 Customer Loyalty and Client Retention Experts.

Cohoes, NY, August 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Sweet Perfection LLC, a Gratitude Company specializing in client and employee engagement through specialty chocolates and hand written notes, announced they are collaborating with 21 key experts within the customer service, customer loyalty and client retention industries for their first ever Abundance of Gratitude Summit.

This Summit includes interviews of the 21 experts on their specific topics to educate listeners on the importance of Appreciation and Engagement within Business to make more money and live a more fulfilled life.

Karen Trudell, CEO of Sweet Perfection said, “Collaborating with these experts is one of my proudest moments in my 4 years at Sweet Perfection. We all believe that it's time to start the conversation around Client Loyalty. Keeping clients and employees engaged and treating them as part of a community is what increases businesses bottom line and most importantly - builds trust and authentic relationships with those you're serving.”

“These experts really know their industry, and bring great value to the summit by educating the listeners on appreciation marketing trends, return on marketing investments and overall benefits of showing appreciation within business,” she adds further.

To make this project informative and impactful, Karen has reached top experts with proven track records and expertise within Client Loyalty. These experts include Janine Elias, Sandra Martini, JoAnna Brandi, Beth Gross-Santos, Carol Adamski, Shayla Boyd-Gill, Evan Hackel, Justin Sachs, Jeff Krantz, Hazel Palache, Deb Brown, Kelly Galea, Jon Stamell, Sue Guiher, Lisa Steadman, Elle Febbo, Lori Jo Vest, Marilyn Suttle, Sheila Sornsin, Scott Schilling and Amethyst Wyldfyre.

The Abundance of Gratitude Summit’s listeners can expect to:

• Discover why specific companies soar while others never get off the ground, and what is the differentiating factor that will get someone soaring with the experts.
• Learn how to build your business authentically through cultivating meaningful relationships.
• Identify tips on how to integrate appreciation marketing to build customer loyalty.
• Hear key tips and strategies on how to connect and create a deep level of love and gratitude within ones tribe.
• Increase the revenue: Soak up wisdom from some of THE leading experts within the Customer Loyalty and Appreciation Marketing Industries on how to build Word of Mouth Referrals and Retain existing clients.
• Gain Financial Freedom and lose overwhelm: Learn specific steps to get started building business more efficiently through integrating Appreciation

Anybody interested, can learn more and register for the Abundance of Gratitude Summit at www.TheAbundanceofGratitude.com

About Sweet Perfection LLC.
As Chief Bestower of Gratitude, Karen Trudell was featured on The Sweetest Occasion, Chatterberries, WNYT, as well as being showcased in the NYC Wedding Salon and Be the Change events. When she's not spreading the movement of Gratitude, you can find her building/refinishing furniture, creating masterpieces of art, crocheting or slinging drinks as a hobby.

Karen is a visionary, client retention consultant, speaker and founder of Sweet Perfection, a leading Client Loyalty firm. Ultimately, all of her work surrounds assisting entrepreneurs in creating and implementing client retention strategies that bring a personalized touch back into business. This not only engages clients on a deeper level but builds an authentic relationship with them as well.

Her first virtual summit: The Abundance of Gratitude; 21 Creative ways to Appreciate your client, Attract New Business and Build a Million Dollar Enterprise hits an inbox near you starting July 21st.

Discover how you can join the movement of gratitude and build a brand of appreciation at www.SweetPerfection.org.

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