Oil & Gas Data Management Expert IDS Strikes It Rich with Inetasia on Site Optimization Deal

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., August 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- For well over a decade, leading knowledge management provider IDS has been helping companies in the oil and gas industry optimize their exploration and other operational performance. When it came time for IDS to embark on its own search - for a search engine optimization partner - that search was far from a long one.

The company knew exactly where to look. Fully appreciating the importance of online marketing and the Return on Investment (ROI) and business performance benefits this offers when done not just well, but exceptionally well, IDS turned to leading Asia-based internet consultancy firm Inetasia for its professional SEO services.

It has engaged the On Site Optimization expertise of Inetasia in a one year contract. The SEO services provider will create a tailor-made search engine optimization strategy for IDS, which will include dedicated support and training and knowledge transfer by the regional SEO experts based at Inetasia’s Bangkok office.

Inetasia will begin research into identifying the most relevant and highly searched keyphrases which can boost high quality visitor traffic to IDS’s website and increase conversion. Based on the research results, recommendations will then be made to the client on the most effective page titles, meta descriptions, content, H1 tags, anchor tags and other website features.

This is aimed at increasing the IDS website’s visibility to and on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, from which a significant portion of website traffic originates. As well, Inetasia’s On Site Optimization experts will check that the website design and architecture is search engine friendly.

“While Inetasia’s proven track record in On Site Optimization and search engine marketing was a key factor that helped draw IDS to us, also important was who we’ve been proving it with. For over 10 years now we’ve been providing big data solutions and internet marketing services to leading organizations, enterprises and companies across Asia. And that speaks for itself,” said Inetasia CEO Gregory Smyth.

IDS has been providing web-delivered operational reporting solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry for over 15 years and, like Inetasia, shares a common mission to transform raw data into valuable business and operational intelligence for their clients. The company was founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1995 and today, its suite of software solutions are used by more than 120 organisations such as drilling contractors, operators and service companies in over 35 countries.

With offices in Calgary (Canada), Houston (Texas, USA) and Aberdeen (United Kingdom) in addition to its Kuala Lumpur regional office, IDS now also offers similar solutions for companies across other industries like mining and construction.

About Inetasia Solutions:

Inetasia improves the digital marketing efforts of Asia’s top enterprises by providing them with a business optimization and analytics framework that cultivates success in today’s data driven market. Since 1999, we have provided solutions for businesses to consolidate, integrate and quantify online initiatives. As the digital landscape has evolved, we have shaped our solutions to deliver business intelligence across all digital platforms for businesses to obtain a maximum return on investment. By providing our clients integrated digital marketing solutions, they are able to compete online through a unified platform for digital measurement delivering customer and visitor intelligence for content, campaign and conversions.

Our integrated solutions include digital intelligence, unified analytics, mobile analytics, tag management, social media monitoring, campaign management, digital marketing and email marketing. In an effort to be relevant in all of these mediums, our experienced professional services team helps our clients design an end-to-end framework based on the specific requirements of their business. Inetasia clients are some of the most recognized global brands including Shangri-La, HSBC, Prudential, Cigna, Thai Airways, Bangkok Hospital and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.
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