Principal Author of the World's Best-Selling Book on Avionics Certification and Afuzion Inc Releases New Whitepaper, "Understanding DO-200A, and Transitioning to DO-200B"

Beverly Hills, CA, August 07, 2014 --( Afuzion Incorporated releases the all-new "Understanding DO-200A, and Transitioning to DO-200B” Whitepaper, with companion D0-200B training updating Afuzion’s DO-200A training workshops.

From the principal author of the world's best-selling book on avionics certification and DO-178, this all new DO-200 whitepaper precedes his new forthcoming book titled, "The Avionics Development Ecosystem."

This Do-200A, with D0-200B, whitepaper condenses vital aviation software/certification information and was peer reviewed by several noted industry experts. This whitepaper provides a solid introduction to Do-200A information, with the new DO-200B facts, and provides the relevant D0-200A and D0-200B synopsis. Also provided is a D0-201 and DO-201A overview with an explanation of the Do-200B and DO-201 relationship. Also explained are common DO-200A mistakes and how to prevent DO-200B mistakes. DO-200A concerns the entire chain of aeronautical data usage, from inception, analysis, revision, usage and feedback: this Do-200A paper explains how DO-200A and DO-200B provide clear but flexible guidance on ensuring aeronautical data sanctity. This paper also covers DO-200A data processing tools and how to perform DO-200B tool qualification.

Do-200A, and DO-200B, costs and cost reduction are of paramount concern, and this paper summarizes the key Do-200 activities with recommendations on reducing DO-200B costs. DO-200 quality assurance is described, as is DO-200A traceability. A sample Do-200B example is provided along with a description of DO-200B objectives.

As described in his forthcoming book "Avionics Development Ecosystem," author Vance Hilderman describes how changes in software technology fostered a need for changes to the very guidelines upon which avionics data development is founded, thus inspiring a need for the update of DO-200A to DO-200B. Also, with the rapid growth of avionics complexity and importance in all forms of aircraft, many avionics developers now need to understand DO-200A best practices to better implement D0-200B best practices.

Adds Chris Jackson, Afuzion co-founder, "As an attorney and business jet owner/pilot, I know all about risk, reward, and the corresponding trade-offs. While I don't understand the intricacies as well as Mr. Hilderman, I particularly like the section on DO-200A cost reduction, and transitioning to DO-200B in his new book, so I advise everyone involved in aeronautical data to read this free DO-200 whitepaper - after all there are not many things in D0-200A which are free, but this whitepaper is."

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