First Aid Certification Offers Summer Canadian Red Cross Training for Workers in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville

First Aid Certification is now offering certified Red Cross training for businesses in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville.

Mississauga, Canada, August 08, 2014 --( Based on the skills and expertise of firefighters and paramedics, these summer courses are designed to provide hands-on experience for those seeking to learn certified first aid procedures. These courses are a great way to ensure that workers are well-prepared to deal with and avert life-threatening situations in the workplace.

The variety of courses offered by First Aid Certification provides workers with the opportunity to learn every important first aid procedure. Although learning certified first aid procedures is a great asset for the average person, many seek training due to work regulations. Most workplaces in Canada require first aid training and First Aid Certification provides enough options to ensure that whatever the nature of you workplace environment, the required first aid training can be provided. Furthermore, all courses meet OHS standards and are WSIB approved.

First Aid Certification provides education beneficial to those in the workplace through instructional methods that utilize real-life video footage, PowerPoint presentations, discussions and acted out scenarios. All of the instructors are either firefighters or paramedics, meaning that all of the scenarios and instructions are rooted in real-world experience and will prepare you to react effectively in even the most life-threatening situations. The training sessions utilize materials such as mannequins, bandages, inhalers and AED training simulators to ensure that you are familiar and comfortable with each individual aspect of first aid. Additionally, training session can take place either at your workplace or at any of the First Aid Certification locations.

About First Aid Certification

First Aid Certification is a Mississauga-based Red Cross Training Partner that provides Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses to residents of Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville. Their OHS and WSIB approved courses are designed to ensure that each participant is well-versed and properly equipped to handle life-threatening situations both within and outside of the workplace. The flexibility of teaching methods and experienced staff make these courses a prime choice for businesses seeking to train their workers in certified first aid procedures.
First Aid Certification
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