Applied Elevator Introduces Building Owners to Various Energy Efficient Elevator Options

Denver, CO, August 08, 2014 --( There are many factors that can effect energy consumption on an elevator system, including: the type of motor that is being used, whether doors are electrically operated, and the efficiency of interior lighting. Many energy efficient changes can be made with elevator modernization, which is why Applied Elevator, introduces building owners to a variety of energy-efficient elevator maintenance options.

Out of all the different types of elevator systems, gearless systems use significantly less electricity because no power is lost to the gears. Gearless systems with counterweight and cable drum systems are more efficient than basic gearless systems, while hydraulic units, are the least efficient. Without a counterweight, hydraulic systems consume approximately 3 times more electricity than a gearless system, and twice as much as a geared counterweighted system. Building managers who operate hydraulic units without a counterweight should consider elevator modernization. While adding a counterweight to a hydraulic unit will make it more efficient, it will still be less efficient than other elevator systems.

Many manufacturers have started to offer double-deck elevators which can be a great energy-saving change. Elevators that are two cabs tall have the ability to stop at even and odd numbered floors at the same time. This can reduce a building’s overall energy use by reducing the number of stops and even the total number of elevators required when used with destination dispatch controls.

Additionally, newer elevator control software provides elevator consultants with a useful tool for compiling data from elevator bank traffic studies, such as how elevator cycles affect energy flow. By reviewing elevator data like the number of floors traveled and peak period loads, elevator consultants can create efficient control strategies and make hardware recommendations for optimal efficiency.

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