Daniel Levine: Consumers Are Looking for the Unique

The trends expert is seeing a rise in demand for products that are exotic and new.

New York, NY, August 09, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Levine, the leading trends expert and public speaker, is following the rapid spread of the uniqueness trend.

“The same old, same old is no longer of any interest to consumers,” says Daniel Levine. “This trend is all about having the most far-out experience possible.”

The shift to the new and unique is showing up across a variety of categories. Chain restaurants, both fast food and casual, are finding a traditional Americana menu is no longer working, as diners look for new combinations of styles, ingredients, and methods. Fashion labels are moving into the hotel business as consumers look to spend their money on unique vacations instead of high-end luxury accessories. The beer and wine businesses are constantly trying new methods and styles to keep their never-satisfied customer bases happy. Technology producers, car companies, and airlines are all having to reinvent themselves constantly to keep consumers interested.

“The uniqueness trend is fueled heavily by the internet and social media,” says Daniel Levine. “People see something new and want to try it. That means people want to do, see, taste, experience things that are going to be surprising and that they can talk about with others.”

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Daniel is a trends expert and keynote speaker. He leads a trends-spotting consortium of 9,000 members that gather and monitor trends from around the world. Daniel is an in-demand public speakers who presents business to consumer solutions around the world. Learn more at DanielLevine.com

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