Viewpoints Industry TV to Report on Unexploded WWI Bombs on an Upcoming Segment

Viewpoints Industry TV will look at one of the lingering hazards of The War to End All Wars.

Coral Springs, FL, August 17, 2014 --( Viewpoints Industry TV will examine one of the many reasons that war is nasty stuff: the unexploded ordinance that gets left behind. While remnants of hostilities such as landmines have proven to be a serious hazard to innocent civilians anywhere there is a modern conflict, there are hidden dangers in many parts of Europe that remain from the world wars that most people thought were over and done with decades ago. Reuters reports that several times a year, traffic in a major European city is brought to a halt because a bomb has been unearthed that has lain there ready to explode since World War II. But even now, as we recognize a full Century since its start, World War I is still killing innocent people. One place this is a particular danger is the fields and woods surrounding famous battle sites, such as Verdun, Ypres, the Somme and Passchendaele. Uncountable artillery shells and grenades were lofted at both sides, and many got buried in the ever-present mud only to lie undetected for decades. The explosives clearance unit from the Verdun area alone handles 40 tonnes of found ammunition each year. From a war during which over a million canon shells were fired, anything is possible.

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Kyra Burton