Optimized Hosting for Wordpress Websites and Blogs

With its new “Server with Wordpress” web hosting provider Bitpalace not only offers the most current Wordpress version, but also a pre-installed page cache, data compression on the web server and brute force attack protection.

Chicago, IL, August 13, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Wordpress has become the framework of many websites. While it started out as a blogging system, today it can cover practically any field of website application thanks to more than 25,000 plugins available online. Wordpress is more than a content management system (CMS). It is also a website building set. Users can select from more than 1,700 free design themes and activate them with a mouse click. Creating a Wordpress website is very quick. This may be one reason why it has become the most popular CMS with approximately 70 million installations worldwide. Two thirds of all content management systems are Wordpress websites.

Some web hosters offer their clients Wordpress as a pre-installed package. Going beyond that, Bitpalace recently began providing a webhosting solution optimized for Wordpress websites and blogs. Bitpalace installs the most current version of Wordpress including all new updates. In addition there is also a page cache, which stores Wordpress pages. If a user requests a page like that, the server provides the page from its memory and cuts loading time in the process. If the website operator edits the page, the cache memory is updated. Users always see the latest version.

Bitpalace has had a few more ideas for its “Server with Wordpress”. The hosting provider also compresses all Wordpress websites sent from the server to the user. This shortens transfer time and gets websites to users faster.

Other extras revolve around Wordpress security. Hackers attacking Wordpress blogs or websites often use a method called “brute force” attack. They use automated scripts to try out many commonly used passwords to access the Wordpress back office (wp-login.php). Bitpalace’s optimized Wordpress servers are capable of detecting these brute force attacks and automatically blocking the attacker’s IP-address in the firewall. This way attackers never make it to the Wordpress login page.

Despite using a rental model, Wordpress websites are not bound to a specific web hosting service but can be freely edited, downloaded and used through other providers later. This way Bitpalace makes entering the Wordpress world easy and future-proof.

About Bitpalace:
Bitpalace is the Anglo-American brand of Bitpalast GmbH, Germany. Since 1990, the company has been developing into a leading provider of systematic internet solutions and today operates web servers for international, almost exclusively commercial customers. The portfolio includes website design and web hosting services as well as personal support for each customer.



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