Announcing "The Journal: 60 Years..." - A History of the McGill Law Journal by James Cummins

8th House Publishing is proud to announce the availability of James Cummins’ “The Journal: 60 years of People, Prose and Publication” – A history of the McGill Law Journal.

Montreal, Canada, August 13, 2014 --( The McGill Law Journal’s alumni covers a who’s who of the last 60 years in Canada, from international figures to business leaders; from national politicians to larger-than-life legal scholars; from judges to global entertainers. This is the story of the people who made the Journal work; of the people who each made their first real impacts on the world through an unearthly dedication and passion to their job at the McGill Law Journal. It is also the tale of the revolutionary ideas that flowed into, and in some situations started, in the pages of the publication they ran.

The McGill Law Journal is the premiere legal periodical in the history of Canadian scholarship. Since its founding in 1952 by Jacques-Yvan Morin (future leader of the Official Opposition in the National Assembly of Quebec) the Journal has been at the forefront of legal history. It was the first university-based law journal in Canada to be cited by the Supreme Court, and has since been outpaced by no other university journal in the frequency at which the Court has turned to it.

“...a breathtaking picture of a history that was beginning to slowly fade into the past, strengthening the identity of a key part of Canadian society.”

The Journal: 60 years of People, Prose and Publication, A History of the McGill Law Journal by James Cummins is available through the publisher and at, Barnes&Noble and other retailers; see our web site for ordering details and links.

“The Journal: 60 Years of People, Prose and Publication” by James Cummins
ISBN 978-1-926716-25-1, 260 pages, 1st Edition, Hardcover, 11 in x 8.5 in x 0.625 in;

About the Author: James Cummins is a five time author and winner of the Canadian Authors’ Association BookTelevision Emerging Writer Award for 2009. His previous books have included a history of Electronica music (Ambrosia: About a Culture) and his co-authoring of the autobiography of House music inventor Jesse Saunders, and The Midas Touch – Naked Short-selling in America. He is an investigative journalist for U Magazine in Jordan with a degree in philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal where he currently resides. He is also a composer of classical music and playwright, and is originally from Edmonton, Alberta.
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