Major Pipette Distributor Announces the Addition of the VistaLab Ovation M Pipette to Their Product Line announces the inclusion of the Ovation M Pipette to their product portfolio, benefiting lab technicians looking for a truly ergonomic pipette.

San Diego, CA, August 16, 2014 --( Already offering a variety of electronic, single, and multichannel Ovation Pipettes, now carries the VistaLab Ovation M Pipette. It is the manual pipette version of the popular Ovation electronic pipette and benefits lab technicians looking for a comfortable pipette that will reduce injuries due to prolonged pipetting.

Ovation Pipettes are renowned for their unique contoured shape and adjustable hook, a design that has been proven to drastically reduce prevalent injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tennis elbow, and other repetitive stress injuries. Ovation Pipette user, Jody Bowen., Sr. Technical Associate at the University of Rochester, stated that, “I used to have tennis elbow and I don't even play tennis. It was from pipetting. I had to stop for a couple of months and start physical therapy. Now I also use the Ovation. I just love it! It's so comfortable and my arm is better.”

Ovation M Pipette is able to pipette dense or viscous liquids, and is the ideal pipette for users experiencing constant fatigue and stress in their back, hands, and arms. Some of the benefits of the Ovation M Pipette include:

- Easy tip mounting and ejecting, low pipetting force
- Neutral forearm and wrist position, allowing for stress-free pipetting
- Can stand on their own without a stand, tips never touch the bench
- Volume range from 0.2 ul to 1000 ul
- Available in 6 color coded modes

VistaLab Ovation M Pipette has a conventional analog volume setting and is easy to use. is a worldwide distributor of over 20+ major brands of pipette, 10+ brands of pipette tips, and a comprehensive portfolio lab equipment. operates the largest independent calibration facility on the West Coast, having calibrated over 1 million pipettes. With over 18 years of experience, offers solutions for the life science community, so researchers can accomplish more of their work.

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