Junction Creative Solutions Celebrates Its Five-Year Milestone

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), celebrating its fifth year, provides marketing and strategic services and solutions that support feasible long-term growth across business, brand development, and digital execution for small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Atlanta, GA, August 18, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, say those on the frontlines working to fortify the country’s financial future.

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), celebrating its fifth year, provides marketing and strategic services and solutions that support feasible long-term growth across business, brand development, and digital execution for small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Founded by Julie Gareleck, Junction has expanded its portfolio to service clients in the Northeast and Southeast with office locations in Atlanta, GA, and Gettysburg, PA.

Junction was born from Ms. Gareleck’s experience in leading a venture capital organization and as a marketing strategist, and amid the country’s most significant business and economic downturn in 80 years. Gareleck says she, “quickly recognized the need for a different approach to strategy in order to mitigate and adapt to the challenges and new realities of the business environment.”

The hybrid agency, which combines the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency, has found a “consultative approach” to be not only productive by effective.

“We partner with our clients. We want our relationship to be transparent so our team is really an extension of our client’s internal team,” Gareleck says.

Junction commemorates its first five years, celebrating successful comprehensive marketing strategy and brand development campaigns that have enhanced the sustainability of both small business and Fortune 500 enterprises. The company’s excellence has been lauded with various business awards to include Horizon Interactive Awards for Best Integrated Campaign, Best Consumer Website, and Video production. But Junction realizes that its greatest reward is in the financial viability, even resurgence, of its clients. In the next five years, Junction will continue to maximizing its technological and human resources to spearhead efforts that facilitate growth for other entrepreneurs and businesses.

“Our first five years have been exciting, challenging and at times exasperating for our business and our clients. The lessons learned and the experiences shared with our clients and partners, have afforded us an opportunity to discover and implement many high impact solutions to today’s complex marketing issues,” Gareleck says. “Our passion for delivering value is at the heart of everything we have accomplished in our first five years. We will remain authentic, collaborative and committed to exceeding expectations.”

For most businesses, developing and executing against a strategy is “nice to have” but not always a priority. Gareleck stresses how critical strategy can be to the success or failure of any business. “Businesses that embraced strategy in the downturn are thriving and we have found are in a more stable state than those that ‘winged it’ or had the mentality that things would improve … eventually,” she says.

Such planning is critical in any economic conditions. “Strategy – regardless of the state of the economy – is so important for short-term and long-term growth,” Ms. Gareleck adds.

In addition to strategy, Junction assists companies looking to refine an overall business plan, marketing and sales strategy, or operational strategy, and receive ongoing or project focused consulting. Junction is adept at designing clear and focused sales strategies to deliver a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For integrated online and offline marketing plans, Junction creates a comprehensive roadmap of marketing solutions that bridge business, sales, marketing, and technology.

At a vantage point to monitor business growth and sustainability, Junction Creative’s CEO thinks the economy can pull out of its doldrums. But it won’t be quick, or easy.

“The dotcom bust hit one sector of business. The downturn in 2008 affected every industry sector and nearly every size of company,” Ms. Gareleck says. “With businesses facing new regulations, healthcare changes, advancements in technology, the hurdles are certainly obvious but not insurmountable.”

In its five-year history, Junction has assembled a nimble and diversified team of strategists, account and project managers, designers, information architects, content specialists and developers.

Ms. Gareleck believes Junction is positioned for success in its next five years, as her team of individual and cohesive abilities is the cornerstone behind devising and executing the company’s strategies. Because amid the uncertainty, marvel and immediacy of the ongoing business environment, is one constant – the human element.

“People still trust and are influenced by people,” Junction’s CEO reminds us. “Even with the changes in technology and all things local, mobile, and social, the one common denominator is PEOPLE,” Ms. Gareleck says. “Technology has allowed us to capture data to inform better campaigns, strategies, and the like. We are still talking about the human sensibility when it comes to making any business decision.”
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