Health Briefs Explores the Food Not Chosen in New Segment

Today’s health-conscious consumer is excluding specific food and beverage items when grocery shopping. The provocative show explores what they are.

Coral Springs, FL, August 17, 2014 --( Health Briefs producers are pleased to announce work on a segment which will cover the food and beverages consumers decline to buy when grocery shopping. The show explores the reasons why shoppers are not purchasing diet foods and diet colas, and other products which contain harmful additives and chemicals. The sale of sugar-free foods, fat-free foods, low-fat foods and low-cholesterol foods have dropped in the last five years as more people are choosing natural and organic food items. Sales of diet cola have also dropped as consumers no longer want chemical-laden beverages to drink. More information will be presented when the program airs later this year on popular cable television networks.

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Kyra Burton