Viewpoints Industry TV to Report on Gas Eruptions on an Upcoming Segment

Viewpoints Industry TV will examine the possibility that our planet is experiencing some flatulence.

Coral Springs, FL, August 19, 2014 --( Viewpoints Industry TV will look at the mysterious craters discovered in Siberia that have had experts stumped and those interested in unexplained phenomena buzzing. Three new craters have been discovered by pilots flying over remote stretches of tundra, one of which is over 100 feet in diameter and some 200 feet deep. The origin of these craters is the most puzzling, as they are almost perfectly round and bear sheer, smooth walls that defy natural creation. Investigators have found a vital clue in the air quality surrounding the craters: there is an ultra-high concentration of methane gas near the holes. Could it be that the Earth experiences flatulence? Due to rapid climate change, huge pockets of frozen methane hidden under the surface of the ground is warming up too fast for a gentle conversion to gas, so there are massive methane explosions happening. As this is occurring far from populated areas, the planet has kept this process virtually unseen by human eyes, but with the sighting of the resulting craters, the Earth's embarrassing secret is now out.

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Kyra Burton