Developer "Pays It Forward" by Offering Free Emergency Communication App

Employers, communities and schools can use this free, secure and mobile emergency communications app to make their environment safer today. Without the hassle of having cost be a point of contention.

Albuquerque, NM, August 21, 2014 --( With the number of mass shootings rising each year and with attacks of wild weather threatening daily around the globe, one can’t be too prepared for a crisis situation. A new app available as a free download offers emergency communication for businesses, schools and any community in crisis.

MUM Mobile Update ( gives users the ability to communicate directly, securely, privately and immediately with teachers, employees, neighbors, etc during an emergency, providing an immediate emergency communications system within any establishment.

Using MUM Mobile Update is relatively easy. Businesses and organizations can access the MUM Mobile Update app by registering at, entering employees into the secure system, having employees download the MUM app from their app store. Employees will receive login credentials to enter into the smartphone app they download. This will enable everyone to be securely connected.

The program will work in both an office and mobile environment in case it is necessary to evacuate the workplace.

App developer Jim Britt created MUM Mobile Update to fill a void in emergency communication options, offering emergency preparedness software that can be implemented into any organization’s crisis communications plan. With MUM Mobile Update, users can communicate with colleagues or neighbors during a crisis situation like a mass shooting or a hurricane, finding missing parties and locating help when needed. Local fire and police departments can be added to the program for an even quicker response.

The MUM Mobile Update allows program communications to be broadcast to a group or to individuals. For example, a principal can broadcast an alert to take shelter in specific place, then send another communication saying that the emergency is in building A and that all teachers in buildings B and C may evacuate through the south 1st floor exit, where help is waiting. All that is required is to open the program, type or speak a message and hit send – within seconds, others will receive the secure notification and act accordingly.

This level of communication in a crisis situation will prove invaluable in emergencies.

The app can also serve as a valuable tool for offsite employees, where traditional methods of communication are not available.

Britt decided to make the app free as a way to “pay it forward” and to encourage as many downloads as possible as a way for organizations to be more prepared in an emergency.

"I like the fact that I can provide this program and not have price be a concern,” he said. “Hopefully it will help both those involved in an emergency and those in charge of disseminating emergency communications. And if we save lives and provide comfort so much the better."

While the app is totally free, donations are welcome to help with ongoing maintenance and to keep the app free. Donations can be made securely by clicking a button on the website.

Learn more about MUM Mobile Update emergency community software and sign up at
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