Amped 360 Ink Delivers Interactive Display System at Boston Tattoo Convention

Amped 360 Ink makes interactive display systems that allows tattoo boutiques to display their portfolios the way tattoos were meant to be seen, in 360 degree rotational imagery. This is a revolutionary next step for this industry.

Boston, MA, August 21, 2014 --( Finally, after years of work and waiting for technology to catch up with interactive display requirements, the AMPED 360 interactive display system will begin shipping in September, 2014.

The AMPED 360 interactive display can be categorized as fitting between a printed sign or poster and an internet device. Actually, it is suitable as a replacement in many cases for a printed sign because it can perform the same function – only better.

Take a look:
The system includes a professionally framed 4k high resolution monitor approximately poster sized (24″x36″), (The monitor is 39″ diagonal.) easel, high performance computer, and interactive control panel which has a push button and knob.

The most exciting part is the cost. The system rents for what amounts to less than $5 a day after a two month commitment where the system is loaded with content and programmed. Programming and content creation are priced separately. It is easily updated and can hold an enormous amount of content including graphics, animation, text, and high resolution video all beautifully displayed at 4k resolution (also referred to as ultra HD).

Amped 360 Ink just finished the last prototype before going into full production and will have video information and kickstarter information soon. The company also has a team of video production professionals, graphic designers, photographers and a studio with a 50 camera circular array for taking high end rotational imagery. Amped 360 Ink is committed to helping people create content that generates results on a system that revolutionizes what digital signage can be.
Amped 360 Ink
Arlene Lagos